The Mousetrap Excursions à Londres
The Mousetrap: Take part in history and come to see the world´s longest running play at St. Martin´s Theatre in the heart of London. After 63 years, Agatha Christie’s legendary whodunit is still attracting theatregoers from all over the world who come and exercise their ‘little grey cells’ with a plot that tricks and teases you at every corner.
Agatha Christie is one of the greatest crime writers of all time and ‘The Mousetrap’ satisfies all the requirements for a thrilling murder mystery: a group of unsuspecting people trapped in a country mansion, wintery weather and a killer on the loose. Suspicion falls on everyone as they gradually reveal their sordid past one by one. The play culminates in the famous grand finale when the killer´s identity and motive are revealed in a final twist that will amaze everybody. An irresistible treat for amateur sleuths everywhere!
Start/opening time: Monday to Saturday evenings 7.30pm; Tuesdays also at 3pm and Saturdays also at 4pm.
Others: Recommended for ages 12 and over.



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