Jack the Ripper walking tour Excursions à Londres
Jack the Ripper walking tour: Everyone had a theory as to who the ripper was… there were rumours it was a butcher, a doctor or even a royal… there is even intense debate as to how many victims there were, was it five, seven or 11? So bloodthirsty were his crimes that they stunned a nation. Follow the footsteps of his reign of terror, which began in the late summer of 1888.
* Learn about the theories surrounding the infamous Jack the Ripper
* See the locations of the crime scenes
More than 125 years have passed since Jack the Ripper began committing his sickening murders of women but the mystery surrounding these remains as strong today as ever. Over time, myths and legends have added to the intrigue, turning these unsolved crimes into a global phenomenon. Follow the trail of this cruel psychopath through the streets of Whitechapel and learn all about the tragic victims.
In the early hours of the August 31, a man is walking down a dark lane in Whitechapel, an area then notorious for its poverty, tenements and crime. He spots a shapeless bundle on the ground near some gates, curious he goes over to investigate. His gruesome discovery of 43-year-old prostitute Mary Ann Nichols started one of the most famous man hunts in the world and began the concept of the Ripperologist.
This 90-minute tour explores the area where these women lost their lives in the most gruesome way imaginable and touches upon the many theories regarding the enduring enigma of Jack the Ripper.
Meeting/ Pick up point: Traders Gate Souvenir Shop, 35 Tower Hill.
Start/opening time: April to September daily at 3.30pm or 6pm. October to March daily at 6pm.
Languages: English.