District of the roman forum Excursions à La Manga - Costa Calida
District of the roman forum: Step back in time and explore the district around the Roman Forum of Cartagena, the former nerve centre of the ancient city of Cathago Nova. See the curia, the baths, the peristyle (columned courtyard), the atrium and many more remnants of an era that thousands of years later still fascinates.
This archaeological treasure trove, which dates from at least 209 BC, was unearthed by chance in the late 1980s during infrastructural works in the city. Ever since, slowly but surely the past has been giving up its secrets to the point where there is now a vast site centred on the former Roman forum on Molinete Hill
View an audiovisual presentation charting key points in the urban evolution of the the Hill, from the initial Roman construction through to the preservation of its remains and the opening of the District of the Roman Forum in 2012. Check out the thermal spas and enjoy a visualisation of the distinct spaces within a thermal complex: cold, warm and hot rooms. Marvel at the columned courtyard, which acted as an access point to the thermal baths and still has well-preserved herringbone paving. At the Decumanus, the installations of the thermal complex continue in this space, including a heating oven and auxiliary spaces. In addition, visitors can follow the Decumanus Maximus, the major road that crossed the city from East to West. At the Atrium Building, visit the various banqueting halls and admire the height of the walls and decorative ornamentation.
Duration: Visits last about an hour.
Others: Free admission for children aged three or under.



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