Ljubijana Lights and Delights Excursions à Ljubljana
Ljubijana Lights and Delights: Ljubljana's magical charm grows even stronger in wintertime when the city turns into an enchanting wonderland! Neighbourhoods are full of colourful lights, Christmas markets, the aroma of fragrant mulled wine, and, of course, everyone’s favourite winter delights. Come join us on an adventure that is sure to warm your heart on even the coldest winter night!
Discover Ljubljana, the most beautiful city in the world, in a different light — or in colourful Christmas lights, to be precise! Dive into holiday festivities, warm yourself with delicious mulled wine, and find out why this city is one of Europe's best-kept secrets.
This Ljubljana tour will take you through the charming city streets, full of holiday decorations, Christmas markets, and winter-inspired music. Sip on delicious mulled wine with locals as you visit some trendy places for dessert and snacks, view the colourful lights of Old Town and Castle Hill, and end the evening at a popular local spot.
We’ll zip up our jackets, fling our scarves around our necks, and start this amazing tour in the financial district, among the historic bling of buildings. We’ll walk past by the national parliament and enjoy the lavishly decorated, famous Star Park, nested in one of Ljubljana's biggest squares, Congress Square. We’ll stop and check out some fantastic architectural offerings like the University of Ljubljana building and the Philharmonic. We’ll also get the chance to take a few gorgeous photos of the lit-up castle on the hill. We will continue our walk through small streets and arrive at two of the most charming neighbourhoods of Ljubljana: Krakovo and Trnovo.
Here, we’ll stop in to a couple of local places to sample delicious dishes, like local snacks and cheese platters, and to sip on some world-class Slovenian wines — warmed and spiced up to a comfortable winter-friendly temperature!
Once the hot cup of wine has warmed your hands, we’ll follow along the cobblestoned streets of Ljubljana's Old Town. Then it’s time to grab a quick snack at one of the holiday stands, and admire the must-see sights of Prešeren Square, Triple Bridge, City Hall, Ljubljana Castle, and the Central Marketplace, all while we share stories from days gone by.
We will finish off our tour by conquering one of the tallest buildings in the city, and enjoy the view of the city basking in colourful holiday lights. Finally, we will end the evening with a traditional Slovenian cake, which will get you energised for the unforgettable nightlife in wintery Ljubljana!
Duration: 3 hours.
Start/opening time: At 3pm.
Languages: English.
Others: Inclusions: Mulled wine, pretzels, local snacks, dessert.