ESCAPE  HUNT  EXPERIENCE 2 PAX Excursions à Lisbonne
ESCAPE HUNT EXPERIENCE 2 PAX: Be a Sherlock Holmes for a day! The Escape Hunt Experience is a unique adventure based on the classic “escape the room” online games now popular in many countries around the world. Originally these were online point and click flash computer games such as Myst and Crimson Room. They were then made into real life games in Japan around 2007. Players are locked in a simple room with objects and little decoration and feel like being inside a computer game while searching for clues and solving puzzles trying to escape.
Here in Lisbon we currently have rooms split into 2 different adventures. Each has an exciting and different theme. The Mystery of Fernando Pessoa: Can you get into the mind of the man considered to be Portugal’s great Poet? What secrets is he hiding in this room? Will you dare to find out and escape? The Mystery of Fernando Pessoa is a highly technological room, which makes it more intuitive, especially for beginners. If you are a first timer with Live Escape Games that is the room we recommend.
Introduction to a Secret Society: You will have to infiltrate a secret society and prove that you‘re worthy of entering an organization that few even know existed. This Room is the creme de la creme for experienced Live Escape Gamers. If you like a good challenge and want to put those deductive skills to the test, this is the room for you. Can you escape?
Duration: 1.5 hours.
Start/opening time: Daily at 11am and 3pm.
Languages: English and Portuguese.
Others: You have to choose which experience you want to play.



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