Food and Wine Tasting - Private Excursions à Lezhe
Food and Wine Tasting - Private: After meeting with your guide you will be firstly transferred towards Shkodra. Shkodra, also internationally known as Scutari and Skadar, is the largest city of the Northern Albania and administrative centre of the region. It is located surrounded by mountains on one side and on the shores of the largest lake in the Balkans on the other. The city was well known through history, since the time of the Illyrian kingdoms.
Agron, Teuta and Gent had Shkodra (named Skodra by that time) as their capital. Many other strongholds stood in the area but the Castle of Rozafa is the dominating one. The city lived through ages as always being an important city in the area for the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire and as well during the 20th century.
Once you are in Shkodra you will visit Rozafa castle located in the top of the hill and one of the oldest castles in Albania. The legend says that the wife of the younger brother of the three brothers that build the castle was sacrificed for the castle to build up strong but half of her body was left out of the wall to take care of her new born son. The Rozafa Castle was the most important stronghold of the Illyrian kingdoms of Ardians, located up the hill overlooking rivers Buna and Drin and the whole plain fields.
After the visit of the castle you will visit the city center of Shkodra, the promenade in Italian style, Ebu Bekr mosque, Catholic cathedral etc. Finished the visit of Shkodra you will be transferred in Shengjin, for the next destination of the day: the memorial tomb of Scanderbeg. The Memorial of Skanderbeg was inaugurated in 1981 in honor of Albania’s national hero, Gjergj Kastrioti. It was built at his burial place, over the ruins of the Church of San Nikolas in the town of Lezha. After the Ottomans invaded Lezha, they destroyed the church and the tomb of Skanderbeg. The church was later reconstructed in the beginning of the 20th century. Inside the memorial, there are displayed a copy of Skanderbeg’s sword and helmet, along with emblems of the Albanian feudal families during the period. After the visit of Scanderbeg you will continue towards Winery Kallmeti, one of the best in Albania.
Kallmeti Winery was legally created in 2007 thanks to the passion of three brothers for wine and for their home territory. In the very heart of Kallmet birthland, where the grape takes its name, the Gjini family aims to produce Kallmet wine at its best. From a production of 5.000 L, the winery has been growing to reach a production of 40.000 L. Wine is entirely produced with Kallmet grape, half grown by local producers in the Kallmet area half produced in our vineyards near the winery and in the Bukemire area. The grape features different characteristics according to the place where it has grown, making the most of the soil and the climatic conditions. Kallmet is a stony area where the grape can express its full potential: from our 25 years old vineyards we produce grape for “Kallmet Prestige”, the excellence of our production.
After the visit of the winery and transfer back to the pier.
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel President, Shengjin.
Duration: 5.5 hours.
Start/opening time: At 8am.
End/closing time: At 1.45pm.
Languages: German, English, French and Italian.
Others: Level of activity easy. Transportation, local guide service, operational assistance and entrance fees included. Transportation: 1/4 pax - tour director (driver) + minivan 6+1 seats. 5/10 pax - tour director + driver + minibus 16+1+1 seats. 11/49 pax - tour director + driver + coach 49 +1+1 seats. Toilet facilities: public toilets, Blue Eye spot toilets. Participation: minimum 1, maximum unlimited.



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