Saint Petersburg: Main Landmarks Half-Day Tour Excursions à St Pétersbourg
Saint Petersburg: Main Landmarks Half-Day Tour: This panoramic walking tour will be of particular interest to those who visit St. Petersburg for the first time, but if you are revisiting the city and do not have a lot of time on your hands to enjoy again all of the beautiful sights this city has to offer, then you will definitely love this walking tour around the most important landmarks of Russia’s “cultural capital”. It is a wonderful chance to meet the most famous sights of the Northern Capital, and get acquainted with the history of the city.
With your private guide you will learn how the city was really founded on bones, first taken by Swedish colonists only to be later on conquered by Peter the Great. You will learn what happened to the marble for the Alexander Column and many other fascinating secrets this city holds. You are going to continue your journey by walking further to the Griboyedov Canal, visit the Palace Square, and stroll along the Neva River, where you can take a look at the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island, and the Petropalovskaya Fortress.
The next point of the route will be the Senate Square, where there is a Bronze Horseman - an inexhaustible source of myths and legends. With your guide you will finish this amazing walking tour at St. Isaac's Square, in front of the majestic facade of the Cathedral of St. Isaac. This city is so rich and filled with historical landmarks, palaces and beautiful buildings, that having this private walking tour with our expert tour guides is your best option to really take full advantage of what this city has to offer.
Meeting/pick-up point: Palace Square at Alexander Column.
Duration: 5 hours.
Languages: English, Spanish and German.