Private tour to Ptuj Excursions à Lasko
Private tour to Ptuj: The trip takes us to the main road Lasko - Ptuj. On the way stop in Štatenberk:
near Makole for views of the castle "Štatenberk". Castle began to build Counts Attems more year in 1696 and finished it nkdo about 1740 years. On the floor by the Knight's Hall of the 5 well-preserved room with beautiful frescoes which form part of the museum. Besides these rooms there is still room for a civil wedding. Around the castle is a nice park wild chestnut, ca 10 minutes still comfortable melancholic through the forest towards the pond to three (small pond). The castle is interesting in appearance, its architecture and frescoes. In Slovenia, the castle is treated as one of the most beautiful baroque.
It is planned a short stop. The resort is located along the border with Austria. Obelezja talk that in the area of 15 to 18 century. Wholesale plague. Interesting that Maria's church from 1440 years and especially Gothic rosette (window) which is constructed from a single piece of stone. As such, unique in Europe. Another attraction is the statue of Mary is from 1470 years.
Ptuj: (Latin Poetovio)
the oldest town in Slovenia. First mentioned in 69 years. Poets was the seat of the VII Roman legions Caesar Augustus and XIII Gemina Legion. In the 3rd St. Poetovio becomes the largest Roman settlement in the area of Slovenia with approx 10 thousand inhabitants and the environment over 30 thousand. At that time the city was bigger than London (Londinium) and Vienna. During Caesar Hadrian was built a stone bridge over the river Drava. Imedju 568-590 years to the area come Slavs. 1250 years Ptuj gets city status. In the 13th century, built the city walls, the castle still other important buildings (Dominican and Franciscan monastery, Maligrad . . . )
An attractive wine cellar Ptuj also belongs among the oldest cellars in the area of Slovenia.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick-up at the hotel. <<br /> Duration: 8 hours.
Start/opening time: At 9am.
End/closing time: At 5pm.
Languages: English.
Min. Age: 2 years old.



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