Sightseeing Tour of Pashupatinath & Boudhanath Excursions à Kathmandou
Sightseeing Tour of Pashupatinath & Boudhanath: Today start your visit by visiting the most sacred Hindu Shrine “Temple of Lord Pashupatinath” dedicated to subcontinent's great Shiva sites. The supreme holiness of the site stems from the Shiva lingam enshrined in its main temple and its location. It expresses the very essence of Hinduism as pilgrims, priests, devotes, temples, ashrams, images, inscriptions and cremation ghats intermingle with the rituals of daily life, all sprawled along the banks of the sacred Bagmati River. The temple's origins are obscure, an inscription dates from 477, but a shrine may have stood here for 1000 years before that. (Non-Hindus are not allowed to enter the sanctum sanctorum).
Continue to Boudhanath, a great stupa and one of Nepal's most important Buddhist site, with a diameter of over 100 meters, amongst the largest in the world. There are a number of legends accounting for the stupa's construction, but it is generally believed to date from the 5th century. All stupas contain holy relics and Boudha is said to contain the remains of the past Buddha Kasyapa. Boudha is a particular focus for Kathmandu's Tibetan community and throughout the day there is a constant stream of people circling the stupa spinning prayer wheels and reciting mantras. Surrounding the stupa are six major monasteries and a host of smaller ones as well as cafes, restaurants and shops selling Tibetan carpets and Newari silversmiths.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at the hotel.
Duration: 3 hours.
Pick-up time: At 9am or 2pm.
Start/opening time: 10am or 3pm.
-End/closing time: 12pm or 5pm.
Opening days/period: Daily.
Dress code: Dress appropriately and comfortably.
Voucher validity: 1 day.
Others: In case of cancellation of tour due to unavoidable circumstances, tour shall be conducted on the following day.



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