Oahu Ghost Tours Excursions à Hawaii - Oahu - HI
Oahu Ghost Tours: On our tours, guests are taken to some of the most haunted places on O'ahu, if not in all of the islands. Oahu Ghost Tours® will take you close-up and allow you to witness firsthand these very unique places. . . from the much feared Night Marchers, to the places where sacrifices were made to ancient gods and goddesses of Hawai'i, and to the more modern haunts, like those of old hospitals that housed sick children during World War II. . . from orbs, to extreme and instant temperature changes, to anomalies that seem to have no source.
Many of these places are history by day, and haunts by night! Our guides are some of the most experienced experts on telling the stories of these spooky places. All stories are true, and all sites are real. Historical and ancestral information is used, as well as eye witness accounts.
Honolulu City Haunts Walking Tour:
On this tour, guests will visit several known haunted hotspots in Honolulu. This will include Iolani Palace, the State Capital Building, and areas in both China Town and Downtown Honolulu. Guests will be led by one of our ghost storytellers who will tell the stories behind the spooky locations. Some places do not allow entry, so guides will stand outside the building or location and tell the story. Guests with cameras may be able to observe unexplained events at these sites.
Orbs of Oahu Driving Tour (night time):
On our Orbs of Oahu driving tour, you’ll be witness to the creepy sites where many years ago, horrifying events took place. The events are over, but the haunts are just beginning. On this over 4 hour tour, guests will be taken halfway around the island to visit the same spots that have been told in books and tales for hundreds of years, and that make the island of Oahu famous for being a supernatural hotspot in the Pacific.
Sacred Spirits Driving Tour (Day-Time, Eco-Cultural Tour):
These places are treated with much respect by the Hawaiians and from visitors alike. The Native Hawaiians live by a very of present day so adamantly protect these sites. On this excursion you will visit several of the most ancient and sacred spots in Hawai'i. You’ll learn about the Menehune (the little people), as well as the feared Night Marchers. You’ll visit the sites where Pele, the fire goddess visited.
Meeting/ pick-up point: Pick up at the hotel.
Duration: Between two and four hours.
Start/opening time: Honolulu City Haunts Walking Tour: 7pm to 10:30pm, available only Thursdays and Saturdays. Orbs of Oahu Driving Tour (night time): 7pm to 11:30pm, available only Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Sacred Spirits Driving Tour (day-time, eco-cultural tour): 8:30am to 1:30pm, available only Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Languages: English.
Others: Please call to confirm pick up time.



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