The Story of Troy Show Excursions à Belek
The Story of Troy Show: The ancient region of Troas is located along the Northern Aegean coastline very close to Canakkale and in the shadow of Mount Ida.
What this area is most famous for is being home to the famous city of Troy – whose story was brought to life in Homer’s 'Iliad', but more recently by the astonishing ‘Fire of Anatolia’ dance troupe.
The stage comes alive with the passion of the times; King Agamemnon’s battle with Achilles, Helen’s love for Paris, Menelaus’ duel with Paris and how the Greeks duped the Trojans with the wooden horse. It’s an amazing show not to be missed.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up from the hotel.
Pick-up time: Between 7.15pm and 7.45pm.
Start/opening time: The show starts at 9.15pm.
End/closing time: The show finishes at 11pm.



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