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Sand Sculpture Exhibition: Experience a majestic world made of nothing but sand as you spend some time at the famed Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival in Turkey. An annual occurrence attracting people of all ages, enter a true Sandland for some unforgettable sights and amazing creations.
Showcasing some impressive artistic talent, the Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival is a mega exhibition of sand sculptures of varying sizes and subjects. The exhibition area is a vast 7,000 square metres, and boasts more than 100 sand sculptures taking an estimated 3,000 hours of artistic performance. A truly remarkable feat with a unique and wonderful outcome. With a changing theme each year, make your way along Lara Beach to explore the ingenuity and skill captured in each of the different sand sculptures. Creations of a group of sand sculptors from all over the world, enjoy gazing at their talents as you see the many fascinating ways they gave shape to nearly 10,000 tons of sand. Walk amongst the sculptures, pointing out and admiring your favourites. Take out your camera to capture pictures of the sand statues on their own, or use them as a creative backdrop for some remarkable photos.
Though you can make your way through the venue in about an hour, take as little or as long as you'd like, for it's not often that you get to walk through an exquisitely designed and lovingly crafted Sandland.
Surely a memorable way to spend some time, your exploration of the stunning sand creations of the Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival will leave you awed and inspired.
Meeting/pick-up point: 'Sandland', Lara Beach, Lara Caddesi, Antalya.
Duration: Flexible.
Opening time: 10am.
End time: 11pm.



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