Dicovery Park Excursions à Belek
Dicovery Park: This tour is designed for the interest of children in particular but will also entertain adults too. Covering a large area of 50 000 m2 it is filled with dinosaur figures of original size, a real Jurassic Park and consists of 5 main areas:
1. Dinopark: this has 48 figures of dinosaurs with sensors. They move exactly the same way as the dinosaurs you could see in the movies about the Jurassic period. In the Dinosaurs Museum, you will be told about life, evolution and the extinction of dinosaurs.
2. Reptile terrarium
3. Aquarium, which includes many themed aquariums with freshwater and seawater.
4. Mini Zoo, which is presented by such animals as monkeys, ostriches, peacocks, bear grizzly, Cameroonian sheep, Bengal tiger, lion cubs, ponies, horses and camels. If you like you can ride ponies, horses and camels.
5. Paradise of birds is the world of birds. Here you can find 14 species of parrots, which please you with their cheerful chirping.
You can see free-running rabbits all around the park. You will surely experience a sense of oneness with nature watching them. You can also feed a lion cub named Boni with milk, hold it and make beautiful pictures of these unforgettable moments. In the Aquarium of the Park you can see such creatures of the underwater world, as barracuda, moray eel, stingray, jellyfish and piranhas. For the first time there is an opportunity to swim with stingrays, sharks and penguins side by side in the aquarium (extra charge). It is an unforgettable experience!
You can also make a short round-trip by a free train which operates in the Park.
Start/opening time: At 9:30am.
End/closing time: At 8:30pm.



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