Whirling Dervishes tour Excursions à Istanbul
Whirling Dervishes tour: Discover the meaning of life with this extraordinary performance of the traditional sema ritual, a form of Sufi dance. You know what we are talking about; the dance where a group of dervishes twirl and twirl in a never ending spin. Sufism is a mystical branch of Islam and deals not so much with theological aspects, like religion does, as with the transcendent metaphysical aspects of existence, a study of the subtext of life, if you will. The sema ritual was originally inspired by the poems of mediaeval Persian mystic Yalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, popularly known simply as Rumi.
While performing the sema, dervishes don’t whirl, as some believe, to produce a self-induced state of trance; they are representing universal truth through movement. Everything in existence revolves: not just the planets and moons in the sky, but also the human cycle of life, the seasons of the year and even the circulation of the blood in our bodies. It is a kinetic way of expressing that we come to the earth and acknowledge we shall all eventually return to it.
Before the show begins, you are invited to beverages and Turkish delight. Then, the program begins with a Turkish music performance, interpreted by a classic Turkish orchestra – with all their traditional instruments. After that, once the music has cradled us into the right mood, the spectacle begins. For about 45 minutes, the dervishes begin to spin and spin under the mesmerising lights and mystical ambience of Hodianasha.
Meeting/pick-up point: Hocapaa Kültür Merkezi, Ankara Caddesi Hamam Sok No: 3. B Sirkeci .
Start/opening time: Program starts every evening at 7.30pm (except Tuesdays and Thursdays) Please be there 30 minutes before the show starts.
End/closing time: Approx. 8.30pm.



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