Tassia Restaurant Excursions à Céphalonie
Tassia Restaurant: Established in 1972, Tassia Restaurant was the first restaurant to open in the small traditional village of Fiscardo on the Ionian island of Kefalonia. It is a family run restaurant, owned by Tassia Dendrinou and her brother Polychronis Dendrinos. Tassia Dendrinou is a nationally and internationally acclaimed chef and has published two recipe books based on Kefalonian dishes and recipes from all over Greece. Tassia and Polychronis combine their Greek hospitality with their passion for healthy good food which is, of course, the base of true Greek cuisine.
All of the dishes at Tassia Restaurant are home cooked using the finest fresh ingredients such as olive oil, meat, fish, eggs and cheese which are purchased from local producers and most of the vegetables come from our very own garden. It is our aim, at Tassia Restaurant, to provide the very best quality Greek cuisine. Our menu includes a wide variety of choice of appetizers and main courses including vegetarian dishes, a children’s menu and we serve a selection of traditional desserts to complete your meal. Menu 2
Appetisers (between two persons)
Bread served with olive paste
One portion of tzatziki
One portion of sweet and sour Kefalonian feta cheese (fried Kefalonian feta cheese, wrapped in fyllo pastry, served with figs boiled in red wine, almonds and sauce with honey and balsamic vinegar)
One portion of greek salad, without feta cheese
Main course (per person)
One portion of veal with Kefalonian feta cheese, eggplants and tomato sauce
Dessert (per person)
One portion of Tassia’s dessert with yogurt, jelly of pineapple, pineapple and fresh cream
Drinks (per person)
Local house white wine
Local red wine
Soft drinks
Filter coffee per person
Menu 1
Bread served with olive paste
Meloza salad with lettuce, rocket, figs, almonds and sauce with honey olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Main courses (choice of one)
Special Kefalonian meat pie with rice, veal, beef and homemade pastry
Chicken in the oven with baked potatoes
Baked mix vegetables
Tassia’s dessert, with yogurt, stewed pineapple, jelly of pineapple and fresh cream
Local house wine
Soft drinks
Meeting/pick-up point: Tassia Restaurant.
Start/opening time: At 12pm.
End/closing time: At midnight.



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