The Water Park Excursions à Isla Margarita
The Water Park: Add a refreshing twist to your Isla Margarita adventure and spend a day jumping and splashing into a choice of exciting swimming pools. El Agua Park is the number one waterpark of Venezuela; cast aside your holiday busy schedule and enjoy an outing dedicated only to relaxing and having fun.
Sprawling over an astounding 45.000 square meters, El Agua is guaranteed to make you forget all about your day to day worries and simply live and love the moment. Forget for a while about sightseeing and trekking and relish a day of fun, sun and water.
One of El Agua’s most popular attractions is a lazy river that slowly crawls through the park at a heavenly rhythm. Floating down it is ideal for your enjoyment and complete relaxation. But that is far from everything; at El Agua you will also be able to whizz down exhilarating water slides, bask in the warm Venezuelan sun and feel the overall bliss of seeing the sun’s rays refracted into a myriad of rainbow colours as it clashes with countless fountains and jets of water.
El Agua even has a cultural edge to it; the attractions all represent allegories of some parts of Canaima National Park in the south-eastern state of Bolivar. Thus, their names belong to the Pemon language, only spoken by the ethnic groups that inhabit the exotic region of the Caroni River Basin. El Agua is bound to make a splash.
Meeting/pick-up point: With transfer, from hotel; withour transfers, go directly to the park.
Start/opening time: 10am.
End/closing time: 5pm.
Languages: Spanish and English.

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Theme and water parks

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