Lausanne-Montreux-Chillon Excursions à Genève
Lausanne-Montreux-Chillon: Take an epic journey through the Vaud countryside where you’ll make your way past the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Lavaux vineyard region as you head along Lake Geneva and to the magnificent Montreux.
* Float along on the beautiful boat cruise along Lake Geneva
* Be guided around Switzerland's most visited historic monument: Chateau de Chillon
* Feel fancy as you shop in the marvellous lakeside city of Montreux
Starting out from Lausanne, feast your eyes on over 830 hectares of terraced vineyards! They seem to never end, going on for a mind-blowing 30km on the North side of Lake Geneva. Asides from being absolutely massive, these vine terraces are astoundingly said to have been around since the 11th century.
Set out on the lake on a serene and tranquil boat cruise which will treat you to views that are fit for a postcard. Be in awe of the amazing Alps as you bob along one of the largest lakes in Europe. Lovers of landscapes will be in their element as they are spoilt for choice in this truly pretty and picturesque place.
Get a whole load of history as you’re guided around The Castle of Chillon (in French: Chateau de Chillon) which is strategically placed on a rocky little island. This castle has been around for absolutely donkey’s years, in actual fact it has been around since the Bronze Age! You are sure to be intrigued by its many tales of woe and victory.
Trace the footsteps of Jazz legends as you come to know more about the influence Jazz and music in general has on Montreux. Montreux gladly welcomes over 200,000 people per year to the second most prominent jazz festival in the world which comes second only to Canada’s Montreal International Jazz festival. As well as that, get the chance to shop until you drop in the quaint boutiques on hand downtown.
Meeting/pick-up point: Geneva Bus Station (Place Dorcière).
Duration: Approx. 9 and a half hours.
Start/opening time: At 8.45am.
Languages: French and English are guaranteed. German, Italian and Spanish could be available depending on the guide.



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