AQUARIUM BARCELONA Excursions à Gérone
AQUARIUM BARCELONA: Located in Barcelona, it is one of the biggest aquariums in Europe and the most important when it comes to Mediterranean species. The Aquarium is the most visited in Barcelona since it opened to the public. The centre offers special programs for university students and scholars motivating them to develop their own research projects. Apart from the gigantic Oceanary (more than 4.5 million litres of water) with a transparent tunnel 80 metres in length, the Aquarium has diverse themed tanks, with special focus on different Mediterranean and tropical biotopes. Visitors will be able to discover more than 11.000 living organisms of more than 450 different species. Not only the sharks will draw attention with their grandeur, but visitors may marvel at the beauty of the sea horses, the elegance of sea eagles and the colourful coral reefs, as well as the strange penguins, the odd moon fish, the piranhas and the squid.
Meeting/ Pick up point: Moll d'Espanya del Port Vell s/n
Duration: 2 hours. aprox.
Start or opening time: 09:30 h
End or closing time: July and august: 23:00 h; june and september: 21:30 h; rest of the year 21:00 h



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Wildlife, zoo and aquarium

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