Excursion to Yaxha archeological park Excursions à Tikal - Flores
Excursion to Yaxha archeological park: Join us on this fascinating tour of the Yaxha archaeological park and set eyes upon one of the most curious manmade structures of antiquity.
* Ancient plazas and acropolis connected by channels, and many more stunning antique constructions
* The unparalleled view of the Sacnab-Yaxha lagoons and jungle
* Seven hours of history and amazing vantage points, including a lunch break
Within the Yaxha archaeological park is the Yaxha Lagoon, which contains a series of lake cities erected upon small barren islands. These isles are connected to the mainland and among themselves by an intricate series of roads and channels. The first city, located 30 kilometres southwest from Tikal and an example of the Classic Period, possesses a marvellous collection of ancient plazas and acropolis connected by 'sacbes', or channels. In our day and age we know quite a lot about what life used to be like in these cities thanks to a series of hieroglyphic inscriptions their inhabitants left behind.
A city from the Post-Classic period can be found on one of the islands of Yaxha. Its buildings are similar to those of Tulum, in Yucatan. Both sites can easily be accessed from El Remate, where the Peten Itza Lake ends. Throughout the seven and a half hours that the tour lasts you will be stunned by the sheer natural bliss of the surrounding landscapes. This is more than a tour to some ancient ruins; it is a journey into history enshrouded in beauty.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at the hotel.
Duration: 7.5 hours.
Start/opening time: At 7.30am.
End/closing time: At 3pm.
Languages: English and Spanish.
Others: We regret that we are unable to accommodate guests with wheelchairs on the tour.

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