The Medici Family behind the Scenes: Theatrical Performance followed by a Tuscan Dinner Excursions à Florence
The Medici Family behind the Scenes: Theatrical Performance followed by a Tuscan Dinner: Travel back in time, behind the intrigue of the most powerful Family of the Renaissance.
Share with the last heirs of the Medici dynasty – Gian Gastone and Anna Maria Luisa – the evocative space of an ancient library and discover through their dialogues, the history of Florence, surrounded by suggestive projections.
A multimedia theater, masterpiece of “infotainment”, that skillfully blends history and traditional customs with modern technology: the Medici Dynasty covers it all from art, love and courtship, to betrayal, conspiracy, war and the papacy; from Lorenzo the Magnificent and the “Signoria”, to Savonarola and his political-religious dictatorship, over 300 years are retold and re-enacted until the writing of the famous “pact”, the act through which Anna Maria Luisa dei Medici left to the city of Florence and all its visitors, the huge and incomparable artistic heritage of the Family.
The show honors the memory of this legendary family and its artistic, scientific, cultural and spiritual contributions to society that still resonate today. After the show, enrich your evening with a delicious Tuscan dinner in a historical restaurant located in the heart of the Medicean district.
Duration: Theatrical Performance – 1 hour.
Start/opening time: April to November – From Wednesday to Sunday at 7:00pm. Please be at least 15 minutes before.
-End/closing time: At 9:30pm.
Languages: English.
Others: Children with ages between 0 and 2 years old have free entrance. Children between 3 and 12 years old have 50% discount. Show a document proving children’s age upon request.



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