Visite du Palio de Sienne Excursions à Florence
Visite du Palio de Sienne: Head to Siena and witness one of the most remarkable and traditional events of the Italian calendar, the Palio horse race. Held twice annually in July and August, the Palio is far more than just a horse race and the festival surrounding each race day lasts for four days. The race is contested between the various “contrade” or neighbourhoods of the city and the rivalry is extraordinarily fierce. On this tour you will receive a guided tour of the centre of Siena, watch the pre-race procession of racehorses and experience the thrills and spills of the race itself. The experience is sure to stay with you for a lifetime!
Depart from Florence and meet your expert local guide in the heart of Siena as the Palio frenzy is tangible and the city becomes a living and breathing entity. You will be led on a fascinating tour of the historic city centre and you guide will explain the complicated rivalry between each contrada of the city. Each neighbourhood has its own emblem and colours so in order to experience the race like a true local you should pick your favourite design and cheer them on to the very end of the race.
The atmosphere will reach fever pitch as the start time draws closer and you will be in prime position by the Piazza del Campo to watch the Passeggiata Storica as the horses and their jockeys parade before the crowd. Take in the incredible spectacle of the race itself as the horses power through the narrow track in the historic square and round off a magical day with a delicious dinner in a restaurant located in the square itself.
Start/opening time: At 12.30pm. Participants are required to be at the meeting point 15 minutes before the departure of the tour.
End/closing time: It is impossible to estimate return time to Florence, the guests will probably be in Florence around 11.00pm , but it is NOT guaranteed.



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