Aurora Dinner Tour Excursions à Fairbanks - AK
Aurora Dinner Tour: Have you ever traveled around the world and witnessed a natural phenomenon, or maybe a wonder of the world? Well, if you haven’t then the one to see is Aurora Polaris, also known as polar lights. These polar lights are a natural phenomenon found in both the northern and southern hemispheres.
Let us surprise you with a hearty home cooked meal and wonderful entrees.
Borealis, our conversation can involve dog mushing, interesting facts and native stories about the Northern Lights, or any Alaskan subject you are interested in. Explore life on the edge, living off the grid and close to nature. There are no public utilities in our neighborhood. Our guests need to know that we do not have “typical” indoor plumbing. There is a composting toilet. Large north facing windows allow you to view the aurora from the warmth of our cabin, but most people want to enjoy the dancing of the Northern Lights at our spacious outdoor viewing area. A variety of entertainment is in place for your enjoyment while waiting for the Northern Lights to dance.
Northern Lights to dance.
Dinner Menu:
-Cheese, Crackers, Sausage
-Alaskan Appetizer
-Fresh Green Salad
-Goulash w/ Veggies and Pasta or
-Vegetarian: Pesto w/ Pasta
-Bread and Homemade Jam
-Dessert w/ Ice Cream
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick-up and drop-off at all hotels, B&B's and hostels within the city of Fairbanks from 9:30pm to 10pm.
Duration: 5 hours approx.
Start/opening time: From November 1st to April 10 at 10pm.
Languages: English.
Others: All tours are non-refundable.



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