Castles, Lochs and Whisky from Edinburgh Excursions à Edimbourg
Castles, Lochs and Whisky from Edinburgh: Revel in the best of what’s Scottish on this fun-filled day. We have managed to sum up Scotland with three of its most fabulous features: Castles, Lochs and Whisky!
* Get acquainted with the royal on goings at Stirling Castle
* Have lunch in front of Loch Lomond
* Watch the whisky process from grain to glass
Stirling Castle is jam-packed with things to do. You can roam around Queen Anne Gardens, gaze in amazement at the ancient tapestries and rub shoulders with the staff who are in the midst of creating a banquet fit for a king. Set your eyes on a gathering of vintage art pieces in the gallery. To make the castle more appealing to our younger guests, we have the variety of vaults where they can unveil many a mystery and even get the chance to dress up in the attire. Fear not if you are less able; we have put together a collection of the must-see displays, images and interactive activities so that you can not only get a piece of the action but come across parts of the castle which may have seemed out of reach.
Next, we head to the largest expanse of fresh water in all of Scotland: Loch Lomond. We stop here for a bite to eat. You’ll be treated to the bonniest views whilst you chow down on some old fashioned grub. Once you have topped up on the energy levels, it’s time to exert yourself on an ever-so-short but steep stroll in the Trossachs and Loch Lomond National Park before we move on to the final part of the tour.
Last but by no means least, we pop along to what’s regarded as the prettiest distillery in the country: Glengoyne. You can find out how they make it and watch what happens in the production process from start to finish.
You are sure to fall in love with Scotland on this dreamy day that will begin to feel like a film set tour as you spoilt with beautiful backdrops over and over again.
Meeting/pick-up point: 1 Parliament Square, Royal Mile, Edinburgh.
Duration: Approx. 9 hours.
Start/opening time: Tour departs daily at 9am. Please arrive at least 15 prior to departure.
End/closing time: At 6pm.
Languages: English.