EL SEGOVIANO - FLAMENCO SHOW Excursions à Côte Tropicale
EL SEGOVIANO - FLAMENCO SHOW: Flamenco is much more than a dance – it’s a way of life. If you really want to understand this most vibrant and passionate of art forms and what it means to Spaniards, then you have to attend a live show. Feel the passion and appreciate the emotion of this raw and powerful music. Observe the facial expressions of the performers and see first-hand how they whip themselves into a frenzy that only dancing can release.
So come and experience for yourself at El Segoviano in Alhaurin de la Torre, one of the Costa del Sol’s top flamenco venues. This Spanish dance extravaganza will set your pulse racing as you are blown away by the sheer fire and passion of this compelling dance form.
The new Alegria show was first performed in February and is already considered the best flamenco show in town thanks to the quality of the production, costumes, lighting, dancers and musicians. The show consists of two halves: the first is a showcase of different types of Spanish dances and the second the best of live flamenco accompanied by musicians, with Vicente as the star of the show. Watch in awe as he shows off his dazzling footwork. The show also includes a welcome drink and ladies will receive a carnation upon arrival.
Duration: 2 hours .
Start/opening time: Fridays 10.15pm.
End/closing time: Midnight.



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