Half Day Sankampang And Handicraft Village From Hotel Inside Chiang Mai City Only Excursions à Chiang Mai
Half Day Sankampang And Handicraft Village From Hotel Inside Chiang Mai City Only: Head southwest from Chiang Mai along the so-called Handicrafts Highway to Bo Sang and discover just what makes northern Thailand so special. Known as the umbrella village, its main street is lined with craft shops constructed in the traditional Lanna architectural style of wooden, pitched roofs. Pop in and you will be amazed by the variety of homemade umbrellas and parasols in fantastic colours and painted in floral designs.
The excursion continues in the Sankampaeng district, which is home to a myriad of handicraft industries. Silk is a key product, the basis of those gorgeous traditional outfits. Thai silk is renowned worldwide for its coarser weave that absorbs the bright colours used in dying the fabric. Watch local women weave the silk on looms; their rapid-fire fingers intertwining the gleaming thread as the looms gently knock to a rhythm. It’s hypnotic to watch and the resulting silk fabric is one-of-a-kind.
Cotton weavers are also prominent as well as craftsman creating silverware and jewellery, carving wood furniture and sculpting pottery. Thai laquerware is particularly unusual with its glossy black base and details in gold. Admire and maybe purchase some Thai celadon pottery. The sage-green pottery originated in China and later spread to Thailand where the craftsman added their own Thai touch. See how little has changed in hundreds of years. Just like back then, quality handicrafts require artistry, creativity and time.
This is tour that offers flexibility. Let your guide know which crafts interest you.
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotels lobby in Chiang Mai.
Duration: 4 hours, approximately.
Start or opening time: Morning tour at 8:30am. Afternoon tour at 1:30pm.
End or closing time: Morning tour at 12:30pm. Afternoon tour at 5:30pm.



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Sightseeing, tours and museums

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Half-day morning
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