Evening Khantoke Dinner And Dances From Hotel Inside Chiang Mai City Only Excursions à Chiang Mai
Evening Khantoke Dinner And Dances From Hotel Inside Chiang Mai City Only: Stimulate your sense and taste buds at this traditional khantoke dinner and dance extravaganza. Khantoke is the name of a low dining table but has come to also mean this traditional northern Thai style of eating that dates back to the Lanna kingdom (13th to 18th centuries). Take off your shoes; settle onto a floor mat and, together with your dining companions, you will sample a vast variety of northern dishes.
A feast for your eyes and ears is next served during a dance performance. Marvel at the grace and precision of regional dances. Dating back to the ancient kingdom of Siam, these dances were performed for royalty. You are king or queen for the evening and will be awestruck by the dancers’ costumes and elegance. Twisting and twirling hand movements characterise Thai dance. No dance displays this prowess more beautifully than the Fingernail Dance. Watch this slow, stately dance in which the dancers don elongated fingernails.
Thai martial arts influence the Sword Dance. Be amazed at the dancers’ ability to balance swords on nearly every available limb. Don’t try this dance at home. You will, however, have the chance to participate in the Circle Dance, which doesn’t involve swords and might just help you burn off that second or third helping from dinner.
Northern Thai hill tribes will close the evening with a sampling of their traditional dances. Satiated and satisfied, you will return to your hotel having experienced a truly Thai evening.
Meeting/ Pick up point: Hotel’s lobby in Chiang Mai.
Start or opening time: 7pm.
End or closing time: 10pm.



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Gastronomy, wine and nightlife

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