Full Day Karen Longneck and 5 Different Hill Tribes From Hotel Inside Chiang Mai City Only Excursions à Chiang Mai
Full Day Karen Longneck and 5 Different Hill Tribes From Hotel Inside Chiang Mai City Only: Meet northern Thailand’s hill tribes and explore villages that haven’t changed in centuries. Discover the tribe whose women are known for their ‘long necks’ and other peoples who will welcome you into their primeval worlds. This is an extremely rare opportunity to learn first-hand about these ancient cultures respectful manner.
Begin with a visit to the Padaung people, a subgroup of the Karen tribe, in the Chiang Dao area. The women and girls as young as five wear brass coils around their necks. The tribe’s members say the rings are part of their cultural identity and the origins of the tradition have been lost in time.
Then visit the Akha hill tribe, which dwells at high altitudes. Note the wooden frames that dot their village. These simple gates are decorated with elaborate carvings to ward off evil spirits while welcoming the good spirits.
The Lisu hill tribe also prays to many spirits at altars scattered around its domain. The Lisu are less bashful than other hill tribe members and you’ll definitely want to compliment them on their colourful, handmade clothes.
The odyssey continues with a visit to a Lahu tribal village, whose resident are famed for their hunting prowess and herbal medicines.
Another stop will be a Karen tribe, experts at training elephants, Palong people stand out for their distinctive garments such as red, handmade sarongs with silver belts.
On the return to Chiang Mai, visit another ‘long neck’ village at Mae Rim before making a brief stop at an orchid farm.
Meeting/ Pick up point: Hotel lobby.
Start or opening time: Approx 8.30am.
End or closing time: Approx 5pm.
Languages: English.



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Cruises and water sports

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Full day