Full Day Jungle Zipline Adventure with Lunch Excursions à Chiang Mai
Full Day Jungle Zipline Adventure with Lunch: Come and experience the highlight of your trip with Southeast Asia’s Original Zip Line Tour and the only one where you have a chance of sighting wild Gibbons. Sample beauty, magic and adventure deep inside one of Thailand's most pristine rainforests. We know you’ll have an unforgettable day, soaring through the jungle enjoying the same spectacular views as its highest inhabitants! Elevated on a mountain in the treetops of a pristine rainforest outside of Chiang Mai, you'll glide through the jungle canopy via 7 km of thrilling zip-line wires woven into the Thai jungle eco-system. The course offers 33 different platform stations, 3 hanging sky bridges and 2 rappel descents. We are proud to offer the longest Zip-line in Asia, spanning over 800 metres. This is a flying journey through nature like no other on the planet!
The Zip-Lines are built to conform to International safety standards and our safety record in nine years of operation speaks for itself. Two experienced, qualified Sky Ranger guides are provided for every nine Flyers and a detailed safety briefing is given before starting. Education about wildlife and vegetation is provided along the journey. Our commitment to responsible eco-tourism ensures that part of your money goes to restoring the flora, fauna & wildlife of this spectacular rainforest as we are committed to giving back to Mother Nature. Whilst certainly an adrenaline pumping experience, it’s a family friendly activity almost anybody can enjoy. You don’t need a high degree of physical fitness, just a positive attitude, so what are you waiting for, come fly with us!
For Sunrise Gibbon Flyers will enjoy a free Artisan Village Tour, whilst hearing the Gibbons at their most vocal and have more chance of sighting them. Early risers who enter the jungle during this cool and misty time will not be disappointed!
Along with the main Zip-Line program we include a free optional, moderate trek up to the beautiful Mae Kampong Falls, plus a free flow authentic Thai Meal sourced from local produce and complimentary bottled water.
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel lobby in Chiang Mai city only.
Pick-up time: Between 6:30am and 7am for the Sunrise tour and between 8 and 8:30am for the Midday tour.
Duration: Sunrise tour: 6 hours. Midday tour: 7 hours.
Drop-off time: Sunrise tour: 1:15pm. Midday tour: 3:30pm.
Drop-off location: Languages: English.
Others: Comfortable and light clothing is recommended. Training shoes are recommended for this trip.
Programme is suitable for children over 5 years old with a Height greater than 100cm. Maximum weight is 130 Kg.
Please confirm the time and location for pick-up within 48 hours’ notice prior to the activity.
Escort guides / parents who do not participate in the canopy adventure tour, but accompany the guests / customers in the minivan will be charged an additional price on the spot.
Flip flops and loose fitting shoes are not allowed.



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