Mae Sa Elephant Camp From Hotel Inside Chiang Mai City Only Excursions à Chiang Mai
Mae Sa Elephant Camp From Hotel Inside Chiang Mai City Only: Hang with Thailand’s elephants in their own backyard in Chiang Mai. These gigantic animals and their human handlers, called “mahout”, have worked together for centuries. See the relationship that they’ve forged, considered one of the strongest in nature since elephants can live almost the span of a human life. This tour offers far more than your typical zoo visit featuring caged animals. You’ll step into their world and see how the mahout care for and train the elephants. You’ll watch the elephants work in their natural habitat as they drag logs, just as they do in the Thai forests. The amazing strength of these elephants that play a key role in Thai farming and industry will blow you away. Only by witnessing in person the elephants’ force and fidelity to their mahouts will you understand the importance of these beasts for Thailand. In the 16th century, the Thai soldiers rode elephants – a slow-moving but effective cavalry – during battles that won the country’s freedom from Burma. But the elephants’ life isn’t all work and no play. Observe them taking a post-work dip in a cool stream, playing and splashing like children in the water. If you’d like, you can hop on an elephant for a lumbering ride or check out a snake show featuring slithering, curling and climbing serpents. Afterward, we’ll leave the beasts to experience Thailand’s beauty. Visit an orchid farm where hundreds of the delicate, precious plants are on display. The painter’s palate of colors and endless shapes will astonish you.
Meeting/ Pick up point: Hotel's lobby in Chiang Mai city only.
Start or opening time: At 8am.
End or closing time: At 12 pm.
Languages: English



Type d'activité

Outdoor activities and adventure

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Durée de l'activité

Half-day morning