Mahout Training At Mae Tang Elephant Camp From Hotel Inside Chiang Mai City Only Excursions à Chiang Mai
Mahout Training At Mae Tang Elephant Camp From Hotel Inside Chiang Mai City Only: Get the ride of your life on the back of an elephant and much more during a visit to the Mae Tang Elephant Camp. Witness the incredible strength, skill and dexterity of the Asian elephant. The elephant’s human handlers, called “mahout”, explain in detail how to approach, mount and ride these curious, clever beasts. The mahouts know inside and out their animal friends. Often they work together for decades developing a human-like friendship. Your brief mahout apprenticeship will teach you how to give orders to the elephant as well as joke around with him. Play catch with your newfound friend. Elephants love throwing objects with their trunks. With the largest brain of any mammal, elephants are smart and infinitely entertaining to watch. While the elephants eat bananas, you will be able to relish a robust lunch. Then it’s bath time. Hop in the water to help scrub clean your elephant. Hours of rolling around in the sand have left him far dirtier than a post-sandbox toddler. Spanking clean, you will mount your elephant and ride to the top of the hill for a sweeping view of the countryside. After your stroll, the elephant will get an animal kingdom spa treatment: a mud bath. This helps cool down the beast, soften his skin and protect him from insect bites. It won’t be easy but you’ll have to bid adieu to your four-legged friend and return to the hotel. However, just like an elephant, you’ll never forget your elephant camp visit.
Pick up point: Hotel lobby.
Start or opening time: Approx 8.30 am.
Duration: 8 hours.
Languages: English.



Type d'activité

Cruises and water sports

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Full day