Nanta Show Excursions à Jeju- Do
Nanta Show: A performance provides visual pleasure, audio enjoyment and playful interaction, fulfilling every audience’s expectations.
Cookin’ NANTA is a universal performance without language barrier and age restriction. The fun and joy it brings can be full, beyond your wildest imagination!
A grumpy manager and a crew of humorous cooks with exaggerated body languages, peeling this here, chopping that there, and frying it over there, the whole kitchen rocks and rushes. It certainly gives a non-stop and a hilarious performance that brings laughter to every audience.
The producer Song Seung-hwan states in an interview saying that, the thrilled atmosphere of NANTA has made those who walk in the theatre as one of the stressed people from the city and walk out like a passionate child full of creativity.
Cookin’ NANTA can be enjoyed by people from all around the world and is about to make you laugh out loud throughout the show!
Since the first debut in 1997, Cookin’ NANTA has been on the road of success around the world, being the first in Asia, it opened a long-term performance on New York’s Broadway in 2004.
NANTA made its international debut in 1999 at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where it received an award for best performance. Since then, it has been staged in the UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, the Netherlands, and Australia.
In 2013, over 9 millions of people around the world are enjoying NANTA’s spectacular performances. NANTA also received an award for Best Urban programme in 2009 and is being highly recommended by tourist and locals alike.
Redeem address: Jeju NANTA Theatre (Jeju Media Center).
Redeem point schedule: Ticket boxes open 1 hour before each performance up until 30 minutes into the show.
Start/opening time: At 5pm and 8pm.
Duration: One hour and a half.
Others: With VIP seats, you are seated closer to the stage and action.



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