Special Discount Offer: Bohol Day Trip - Private Excursions à Cebu
Special Discount Offer: Bohol Day Trip - Private: Teamed with its fair share of religious and colonial history, which still remains virtually untouched even until today and its vast collection of some the best beaches in the country; there’s definitely a lot to find out about on this day away to the idyllic island of Bohol.
* Be on the lookout for the World’s most minute monkeys at the Philippine Tarsier Foundation
* Get familiar with the geological wonder: The Chocolate Hills
* Have a bite on-board a river cruise up the lovely Loboc River
Get to see a different side to The Philippines on this divergent day. At just a 2 hour ferry ride from Cebu, you don’t have to go to the end of the earth to enjoy this out-of-this-world island. It is chock-full with other neighbouring islands as well, to be precise 75 of them! This means that there are plenty of places to dive and swim in. Its capital city: Tagbilaran is made up of tree-lined squares and stone buildings such as an 18th century Jesuit built church and much more.
When you reach Tagbilaran Pier, you will be welcomed by our Tour Representative who will only be too happy to show you around. The first stop is at the Philippine Tarsier Foundation which is based in the town of Corella. This sanctuary serves as a refuge for the smallest primate in the world which is native to the region: The tarsier. Gaze at these rare, nocturnal creatures in their natural habitat and be amazed by their swiftness as they seemingly swoop from one tree to the other. These agile little creatures are remarkably able to swivel their heads almost the whole way around.
We next head to Baclayon where we make a short stop at the historical Blood Compact site, where the ancient ritual used to take place. Most notably, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna sealed their friendship by performing the peculiar practice in this very place.
Just a hair’s breadth away is a stone church: Baclayon Church. Having lost its bell tower and portico in the 2013 earthquake, the church is primarily a museum now. It houses a vast collection of religious art pieces, ecclesiastical vestments, as well as animal skin Latin inscribed hymn books.
You will be enchanted by the masses of marvellous Mahogany trees that look like something out of a fairy-tale in the man-made forest that we drive through en route to the charming Chocolate Hills. Comprised of more than a thousand colour-changing hills, they are simply a geological spectacle. From above they look almost edible, like a ginormous bunch of chocolate truffles which is where the name was depicted from.
To finish off this excellent excursion, cruise up the luscious Loboc River as you sit inside a fabulous floating restaurant. What’s more, indulge yourself on a delectable dinner served on board. Once you are full up, you will go back to where you began in time to catch your ferry back to Cebu. After you get to Cebu, you shall be greeted once more and taken back to your accommodation.
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel pick-up.
Duration: 14 hours.
Start/opening time: At 6am.



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Cruises and water sports

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