Sevilla by bycicle Excursions à Cadix / Jerez
Sevilla by bycicle: Complete with a fun and easy going spirit, this tour is orientated on visiting all the famous places which you have heard of, as well as those best kept secrets which don’t appear in guide books.
Packed with numerous photo opportunities, we will share with you the many stories and legends behind these magical sites.
Discovering Seville in this fun and dynamic manner will also provide you with a fabulous sense of orientation in the city and give you valuable information, as for example where to eat and what to see during your stay in Seville (the best restaurants, theatres, bars, etc. )
Duration: Two and-a-half-hours.
Start/opening time: Morning at 10am. Evening at 6pm (only the Private Tour).
Length: 10Km (6.2 Miles)
Languages: Guided tour available in English, Spanish, Dutch and German