Selwo Aventura Excursions à Cadix / Jerez
Selwo Aventura: Come face to face with the aristocrats of the animal kingdom at Selwo Aventura Theme Park and Zoo, one of Estepona’s must-sees. You’ll meet lions, tigers, rhinos, giraffes, jaguars, bears and many more animals from around the world. You can move about the park on foot or by Jeep, without disturbing the animals that are allowed to roam in semi-freedom. You will also be able to try a camel ride, show off your skills by practising archery, abseiling or crossing one of our three rope bridges.
Visitors will be able to observe the park's wildlife, housed in specially recreated natural habitats, perfectly adapted to the needs of each species
Choose our Serengeti Safari option, which takes you on a 4x4 tour around the Reserve of the Lakes to get closer to chubby hippos, the extremely tall giraffes, the colourful zebras, imposing rhinos and many more. Selwo Aventura has an array of exhibits, including birds of prey, snakes, and spectacular adventure activities: rope bridges, camel rides, archery and Ziwa, the longest, fixed abseiling line in Europe.
One of the latest attractions at Selwo is giraffe feeding, which gives you the opportunity to get up close to of the planet’s tallest mammal and one of its gentlest.
The Bird Canyon is the largest natural aviary in Europe; you’ll be entranced by more than 1,000 specimens of beautiful birds from all over the world. The Antipodes is a new attraction specifically designed to bring visitors closer to wallabies, allowing you to interact with them.
A day at Selwo is a great adventure from start to finish.
Start or opening time: 10am.
End or closing time: at 6pm in winter and 8pm in summer.



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