Amazonia Marbella Adventure Excursions à Cadix / Jerez
Amazonia Marbella Adventure: Release you inner Tarzan at Aventura Amazonia with an experience that will have you hanging, jumping, swinging and flying from the treetops. The adventure park is located in Elviria, just 500 metres from the sea at Marbella and allows you to try out 67 activities on five routes during at least three hours of fun.
Challenges include zip lines, horizontal steps, quantum leaps, giant swings, high wires, log lines and many more. All are undertaken in cool and verdant pine forests. There are also two specific children’s courses: one for mini-kids, with heights up to 80cm, and another for kids, with heights up to 1.6m. These routes have 23 challenges between them.
The five courses for adults work their way from beginner to daredevil level, with the larger kids’ route included. The ‘easiest’ is the Explorer, which can also be used by children depending on their height. It stands 2.8m above the ground and has 14 challenges. The next level up is the Jungle, which is at a riskier 3.6m and has 13 challenges, including two zip lines. A cut above is the Adventure, where you will be 6.4m above the ground. It has wobbly line ropes and two long zip lines. Finally, there is the daring Sporty, which at 9m is twice the height of a double-decker bus. Apart from exhilarating zip lines, it features trapeze lines and suspended tree trunks.
With 20 zip lines, including the longest in Andalusia at 240 metres long, Aventura Amazonia guarantees fun and adventure!
Three hours approx. Start or opening time: At 10am.
End or closing time: Between 7pm and 9pm, depending on the season.
Others: The park reserves the right to make changes to the conditions at its own discretion. Supplier reserves the right to charge extra costs if child height differs from type of booking.



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