Boat Ride Excursions à Búzios
Boat Ride: Take advantage of this fantastic boat trip around Buzios, stopping at all the must-see spots with plenty of opportunities to snorkel and bathe. There’s no better way to get around!
* Enjoy a boat trip around Buzios
* See all the stunning sights and discover local fauna and flora
* Sip at the refreshing free soft drinks (and one cheeky “Caipirinha”)
Spend a pleasurable day exploring Buzios in the best way possible. This spacious and comfortable boat is the perfect form of transport to see all the beautiful views and see all the hotspots. Limited at 50 passengers, making it relaxing and peaceful.
This tour makes its way around to stop at 18 of the main points in Buzio, ensuring you see as much as you can whilst you have the opportunity. Take advantage of the onboard equipment such as masks, snorkels and floaters so why not dive down and see Buzios from an underwater point of view? Throughout the journey you may enjoy the free soft drink service including one special “caipirinha” per person, keeping you refreshed and cooling you down. Sit back, relax and enjoy the serenity of being out on the waters and contemplate the breathtaking views passing you by as you embrace the splendor of this bay.
This is definitely the most elegant way to experience the local flora and fauna unique to the location. After an extremely chilled-out day, the boat sails home and the tour comes to an end.
Duration: Four hours.
Start/opening time: At 10am.
Languages: Spanish and Portuguese.
Others: If due to the weather conditions, the tour is cancelled, it will be fixed another day for the activity.



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Half-day morning