Absolutely Bucharest Tour Excursions à Bucarest
Absolutely Bucharest Tour: Bucharest is Romania’s vibrant capital city filled with a mishmash of grand historic buildings, brutal Communist apartment blocks and emerging 21st century designs.
Your tour will begin in the political center of the city, Revolution Square. Formerly known as Palace Square it has witnessed many of the most important events in Romanian history. It was from here in 1989 that dictator Ceaucescu made his ill-advised rallying speech to a crowd that quickly turned on him, instigating the Romanian revolution. Surrounding the square are several other notable landmarks, including the former Royal Palace, Atheneum Concert hall and Athenee Palace Hilton, the heart of espionage and intrigue in the years between the wars. Leaving the square you will then head south along 'Victory Street' named after the spectacular victory of the new Romanian nation in the 1871 War of Independence, and one of the two main thoroughfares of the city. Here lies many spectacular landmarks of the inter-war period, including the 'Telephone Palace', Military Circle and former National Theatre, as well as the beautiful church of Kretulescu, one of the most famous in Bucharest.
After this you will head into an older part of Bucharest, exploring it's numerous streets, paths and passageways of The Old Town. This is the heart of medieval Bucharest, the literal crossroads between East and West, where Ottoman Pashas rubbed shoulders with Transylvanian Princes, and the city was a mosaic of different cultures and buildings: churches and mosques, princely courts and merchant's houses, marketplaces and ottoman seraglios. Among the many sights and stories of The Old Town are lavish dining, princely courts and opulent interiors, the exquisite calm of an orthodox monastery, and the great wooden inn of 'Hanul Lui Manuc', offering captivating glimpses into an earlier time.
Meeting/pick-up point: In front of Carol the I of Romania, Horse Statue.
Duration: 3 hours.
Start/opening time: At 10am.
End/closing time: At 1pm.
Others: In case of bad weather conditions, if the guide decides that the tour cannot be done, the client can reschedule the tour the following day. Minimum age: 3. Please bring your ID card. When booking, please inform the travel agent about your phone number, so that the local guide can contact you in case of need. Please be advised that in case you are late, the guide will wait a maximum of 15 minutes.