Tango Group Lessons Excursions à Buenos Aires
Tango Group Lessons: Prepare to never leave a dance partner indifferent again after taking this fiery tango class in Buenos Aires. The Argentine partner dance known as tango is renowned around the world for being one of the single most passionate and romantic dances around. It is ideal for performing with your significant other – or with any other person you wish to leave breathless, for that matter.
The tango group classes are divided into levels, so that everyone, from experts to amateurs, can join in the experience. There are, thus, three levels: Tango for Beginners (two sublevels), Intermediate Tango (two more sublevels) and, finally, Tango for Advanced (three sublevels).
The classes are a full hour and a half of non-stop movement, directed by two charismatic teachers with their respective assistants. It is not an obligatory requirement to come along with a partner, for couples will constantly change throughout the class in order to practice with a larger variety. Having said that, couples who come together and don’t wish to swap will be respected.
The sessions are structured into three parts. Begin with a warm up, where you practice technical exercises that will be recurrent during the class. Then, the instructors propose a rhythmic structure for the students to carry out and delve into the music. The class ends with a dance demonstration by the teachers, which will encourage you to keep working at it in order to one day be just as impressive as them. Duration: 1 and a half hours.
Others: Wearing heeled shoes for women.



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