River and Boca stadiums tour Excursions à Buenos Aires
River and Boca stadiums tour: Feel the passion of Argentinian football with this tour to the two most important stadiums in the country while learning their fascinating history, which is parallel to that of Argentina. This is the ultimate comprehensive football tour of Buenos Aires.
Begin your tour with a visit to the church where Diego Maradona married his ex-wife. Then head over to the legendary Boca Juniors stadium: La Bombonera. Check out the preferential seat, a part of the pitch and many more points of interest, all amidst an atmosphere vibrant with passion for football.
Your next stop is the Boca’s Museum, called Museo de la Pasion Boquense. Learn about the club’s players, history and even the evolution of the jersey. And, of course, amidst many other interesting sites you will see the glorious trophy room. After the museum, enjoy some free time for a hearty lunch before continuing.
Continue then to the location where the second River Plate Stadium was relocated after leaving La Boca. Then it is off to El Monumental, where you will take a sightseeing stroll around the stadium and learn about the surroundings.
After that, enter the Museo River Plate to learn about the history of the club and its stars. In this museum you can literally walk into a time machine that takes you to a recreation of the year the club was founded. Visit the magnificent stadium and its endless facilities, from tennis courts to swimming pools and hotels. After a full six hours of tour, you will be an Argentine football expert.
Meeting/pick-up point: Tangol office, located in Defensa 831, San Telmo.
Duration: 5-6 hours approximately.
Start/opening time: Monday to Friday 11.15am.
Languages: Spanish.