Organ concert in the Basilica with dinner cruise Excursions à Budapest
Organ concert in the Basilica with dinner cruise: Full evening program, an unforgettable concert and a romantic and delicious candlelight dinner on one of our heated or air-conditioned ships. After the concert, a host or hostess will show you to the pier.
Feel Budapest’s romantic atmosphere and enjoy excellent warm buffet-dinner, surrounded by the friendly lights of the Danube capital.
After dinner you can also admire the panorama from the open upper deck of the ship.
The cruise starts at 10pm, but always waits for the guests from the Basilica.
After the concert, our hostesses will accompany you to the ship, ca. 4-5 minutes by walk.
Cold entries
Spiced cottage cheese cream and traditional greaves cream
Alföld style goulash with small dumplings
From autumn to spring: Vegetable cream soup
Summer time: Cold fruit soup
Warm main courses
Mini stuffed cabbage
Traditional chicken leg „Paprikasch”
Roasted chicken breast with basil-cheese sauce
Spicy pork rib with thyme – mustard sauce
Roasted sea fish with Chardonnay sauce
Garnishes and vegetarian options
Grilled polenta with feta cheese
Grilled vegetables
Homemade dumplings with spinach and mustard-mushroom sauce
Steamed jasmin rice with corn
Hash-brown potatoes
Steak potatoes
Fresh seasonal salads with dressings
Italian pasta salad
Caesar’s salad
Sweet corn salad with mayonnaise
Home-made strudel
Somló style sponge cake
Mini tarts
Dessert variations Európa style
Season fruit basket
Meeting/pick-up point: At the entrance of the Basilica.
Duration: The concert is 90 minutes long and the dinner is also 90 minutes long.
Start/opening time: Meeting time at 7.30pm. The concert starts at 8pm. The cruise starts at 10pm.
Others: Includes: warm buffet dinner, welcome drink with the options of a glass of red or white wine, a beer, a soft drink or mineral water.
Category 1 seating is the closest to the stage and category 3 seating is towards the back of the Basilica.



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