Berat : Cooking with the Locals Excursions à District de Berat
Berat : Cooking with the Locals: Your day starts with the visit of the Museum town of Berat. Berat, with an ancient history from 2400 years ago, is located along the stream of river Osum and in the middle of the great mountains of Tomorr and Shpirag. It is located on the side of a rocky hill and in the same place was settled the ancient town from the Illyrian tribes. It has been conquered many times but its castle has always been famous of being very difficult to invade.
Today it has the name of the city of a thousand and one windows, coming from the panoramic view of the houses on the hill. It is a part of UNESCO World Heritage List with the well preserved houses of original Ottoman architecture. The trip in the city of one thousand and one windows starts in the old quarter which will send you back in time to the Middle Ages from the cobbled streets and the houses built in a special architecture and fanatically well preserved till the modern days. From what you see Berat has gained it’s status as one of the cities of UNESCO World Heritage List.
The fortress, located on the hill top, is the most special attraction there, offering an amazing panoramic view of everything surrounding Berat. And there you understand the reason why it was such an important stronghold. Another specialty of Berat is the Onufri Iconographic Museum, named after one of the greatest Albanian painters. There are best preserved Albanian icons from XVIth century that were used in the many churches in the town.
Not only history but also traditional cooking from the locals! Today you will experience one of the best meals of the region. Immerse yourself in the kitchen and learn about the recipe and the local cooking. Do it yourself, do it better!
Meeting/pick-up point: Rruga “Mihal Komneno”, tek Porta e Pashait, Berat, Albania.
Duration: 6 hours.
Start/opening time: 8am.
End/closing time: 2pm.
Languages: German, English, French and Italian.



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