Transport au parc à thèmes Adlabs Imagica Excursions à Bombay / Mumbai
Transport au parc à thèmes Adlabs Imagica: We transfer you directly to and from Adlabs Imagica, India’s first and only International standard Theme Park. Offering fun, action, entertainment, dining and shopping at a single location, Adlabs Imagica is no ordinary theme park. There’s nothing of this scale, or anything close to it in India and the Subcontinent. Where others have rides, Imagica is driven by a whole world of fantastical themes to bring Indian families’ experiences that they have never had before. No expense has been spared to bring in world class international designers, the best architectural elements and the most exciting novel attractions to rival any park in the world. In every zone you will be immersed in a new theme that will extend through every touch-point.
Themed attractions, area design, landscaping, themed dining and retail, ambient music, character design, building facades, props, interactive installations, and merchandise. All these are not just elements, but instill a feeling of escapism in the park. This escapism is what will separate Adlabs Imagica from all other parks in India, making it at par with the best theme parks around the world. Imagica is a place where you can live out your wildest adventures and be thrilled by the world’s most amazing rides; from roller coasters in deep space, to spine tingling journeys through the ravines of the Wild West. There’s something here for every family – a new experience at every step, and a thousand ways to have fun. With 21 attractions & rides and 5 themed restaurants, Imagica is a place where stories come alive.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick-up at the hotel at 11am.
Duration: Seven to eight hours.
Start/opening time: At 11am.
Others: We need your cooperation wherever the personal frisking and checking of baggage is mandatory. Except for your valuables, hand baggage is not allowed. In case of any cancellation of the tour due to any unavoidable circumstances the tour shall be provided on the following day.



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Transport only

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Full day