3 Days / 2 Nights Andina Tour Excursions à Bogota
3 Days / 2 Nights Andina Tour: In this trip you will visit the main colonial cities and towns in the center of Colombia, where the architecture from the seventeenth century will make you feel in another time, creating a magical atmosphere filled with history that enchants travelers from around the world. With amazing constructions and narrow stone streets leading to churches and monasteries, you will enjoy a peaceful, magical environment and also you will discover sacred lagoons from the Muisca mythology along with wonderful mysteries and cloudy moors.
You will also have a chance to visit the salt cathedral in Zipaquirá, an enclosure built inside the salt mines, with colorful fluorescent lights; you will notice this is a special place with monumental architecture carved by the miners. Once the tour is over, you can go to the sanctuary of Monserrate, symbol of Bogota, offering a unique panoramic view of the city.
Day 1.
We will start visiting Sutatausa which is a typical cundinamarques town, it is peaceful and quiet characteristic of the peasant towns of the cundí-boyacense Highland, where the time seems to have stopped in the colony with its unique architecture of this time, here you can know the farallones of rock of sutatusa, el conjunto doctrine and muisca indigenous cemetery (3 hours trekking optional), then we will come to Cucunubá it has all the 17th century history because you can find colonial architecture, with White houses with perfectly placed clay tiles and green-framed windows that combine perfectly with the characteristic of this village stone floor which will give you a wonderful experience. In this magical place we will have lunch a typical dish of the region. After we have had lunch we will go to Ráquira, there you can transport toward the last century because it has colonial architecture with many colors which generates a unique magical environment of the region. This village is well known for its works in clay, woven, baskets, clothing, hammocks and gold- and silversmithing, we can explore the village and we can visit different handicrafts stores, at the end of the day we will go to villa de Leiva and spend there the overnight.
Day 2.
Villa de Leyva is an amazing place full of history which makes happy travelers on each corner with its amazing colonial architecture. Just walking along the narrow streets with its stone floor to go slowly in any direction to find churches, convents and monasteries, enjoying a peaceful and wonderful atmosphere with a lot of magic, you can find a huge square; it will transport you immediately to the 17TH century which will give you a unique experience. Here you will be delighted with big windows and wooden doors of colonial-style buildings. We will leave in the morning in a car to the ecological park La Periquera where we will enjoy nature walking down from the mountain to the river, when we arrive at waterfall the Periquera. Finally we will return to Villa de Leyva in order to have lunch. After we have had lunch we will go to tota lake. overnight in Guatavita.
Day 3.
Guatavita It is a very beautiful town, it has a wonderful architecture full of magic, and it is new Guatavita. It is a tribute to the old Guatavita, which due to the construction of the reservoir to mine had to be moved in 1964 and rebuilt brick by brick and history by history. This is the new Guatavita a magical town full of stories. On this day we will visit the holy lake Guatavita which is a place of ceremonies for indigenous Muiscas, because there the ritual of investiture of the new Zipa (Cacique) was performed; then we will go to the Salt Cathedral where you will see the change from daylight to darkness in a room built inside the salt mines, gradually a multicolored phosphorescent light breaks through and illuminates the walls of the mine, you will realize that you are in a special place, you will discover that it is a monumental piece of architecture made by the hands of the miners, which is a cathedral temple now that invites reflection and personal growth and at the end of the day we can enjoy a wonderful view from the hill of Monserrate this is the symbol of Bogotá. Located 3152 meters above sea level, it has in the top the sanctuary of Mr. Fallen Monserrate, pilgrimage place of native and foreign people, surrounded by lush vegetation and where you can appreciate the best landscape in the savannah of Bogota.
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel pick-up.
Duration: 3 days.
Start/opening time: At 7am on day 1.
End/closing time: At 8pm on the last day.
Languages: English and Spanish.
Required documentation: Passport, ID or citizenship card.
Others: We recommend to wear comfortable clothes according to each climate (you will visit several regions with cold and temperate climates), and bring light-wind jacket, a hat or cap, sunscreen, a bottle of water, personal grooming items, and use insect repellent.
Please respect the privacy of the natives of the region (indigenous and/or peasants). If you want to take pictures with them you must ask for permission first. Do not leave any kind of trash in the places you visited.
It is important that you inform us about the time of arrival of your flight to Colombia if you want to be picked up at the airport or the name of the hotel if you want to be pick up to start the tour.



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