Adventure Pack: Ruta del Dorado + Caminata Chicaque + Paragliding Excursions à Bogota
Adventure Pack: Ruta del Dorado + Caminata Chicaque + Paragliding: With this Ruta del Dorado + Caminata Chicaque + Paragliding pack, enjoy more, saved more, this package you are thinking to yourself and your family, enjoying the same services but with savings when purchased together.
* Hike a lagoon surrounded by nature.
* Walk an ancient path used by Indians Panches and Muiscas.
* Try paraglinding, one of the most exotic sports
Ruta del Dorado.
You can be part of the route through the museum gilding gold has pre-Hispanic gold collection of the world's largest with about thirty-four thousand pieces of gold and tumbaga, about twenty-five thousand objects in ceramic, stone, shell, bone and textiles.
Exposed parts of different indigenous cultures settled in present Colombia before the arrival of Europeans, after know the sacred Guatavita where you can hike to the lagoon surrounded by nature, history and beauty.
This ancient place was one of the sacred lakes of the Indian Tribe of the Muiscas, since there the ritual of investiture of the new Zipa (Cacique) was performed; according to tradition, it was on a raft richly ornamented reeds; her body was covered entirely with gold dust; at his feet put a big pile of gold and emeralds to that offered to the gods and braziers to burn a kind of incense called moque, the people that was in the banks threw objects of gold and precious stones waters.
This is one of the origins of the legend of El Dorado. The famous Balsa Muisca on display at the Museo del Oro is evidence that such rituals were held in the lakes of the region and you will walk the same paths where did the zipas and verify that it is a unique and special place. Caminata Chicaque.
This hike will take place in an ancient path used by Indians Panches and Muiscas to connect the savannah of Bogota (Minga land) with the Magdalena Valley. Iberian colonists widened the path for the passage of horses and mules, Built entirely of stone steps polished by the passage of dozens of generations over hundreds of years, the colonial path maintains a centenary air and is part of the Andean cloudy forest. Walk on it is going back into the distant and quite past.
Path is fragmented in two parts and the upper communicates with the Lower of Chicaque, begins near the entrance of the park where the steps end of the main viewpoint, and ends near ravine “La playa”, just 500 meters from the Refuge. It is the shortest path between the entrance and the Refuge. Paraglinding.
Is a sport that generates feelings you never dreamed, it is one of the most exotic and extraordinary sports, which consists of launching from a hill or slope on Board of a wing that is aerodynamically designed for flying and using thermal currents as single-engine. Lift up your eyes to the sky; wait for adequate air flow to be carried away by the sense of freedom and lightness feeling to flying.
Plan as an Andean condor feeling and listening to the air force in height, listening to your heart beat very strong, feeling all those indescribable emotions that run through your body. You can distinguish the smells of nature, see the spherical and magic panoramic view of the Tominé dam and then dip in the colors of the Savannah of Bogotá
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel pick-up.
Duration: Ruta el Dorado: 7 hours / Caminata: 6 hours / Paraglinding: 6 hours.
Start/opening time: Ruta el Dorado: 9am / Caminata: 7am / Paraglinding: 7am.
End/closing time: Ruta el Dorado: 4pm / Caminata: 3pm / Paraglinding: 3pm.
Languages: English, Spanish.
Others: Caminata: This activity is only available to people over 7 years old. / Paraglinding: This activity is only available to people over 12 years old. The children under 12 years old con go to the place but can not do the activity.



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