LaZgam Laser Game (Ticket Only) Excursions à Bangkok
LaZgam Laser Game (Ticket Only): Laser Game, Laser Tag Is A Thrilling, Interactive Adventure! LazgaM is an exciting, exhilarating experience for all ages…from 7 – 77! Immerse yourself in an adrenaline-pumping adventure using the latest laser technology with Bangkok’s first indoor sci-fi style laser shooting simulation game. Laser Tag is. . . perfect for birthday parties, special occasions, school groups, work parties and events, as well as family days out, teen hangouts and even grown-ups…who are big kids at heart! Uniquely entertaining! Hugely enjoyable! Terrifically stimulating! Laser Tag is action-packed and great fun!
Teams, with up to 32 players in total, navigate our specially designed 500 sqm maze; a futuristic gaming arena with smoke machine, strobe lights, black lighting and fluorescent painted decor. Your mission? Avoid the laser beam hits of your rivals. Search and target opponents with your laser gun! Equipped with vests with 5 sensors and in-built speakers, plus a sensor on your laser gun, you will need to use all your energy, enthusiasm and Laser Tag skills to succeed! Before and after your laser game enjoy the Laser Pit, our hosting area with refreshments, snacks and views of the live action in the game zone!
Find out your team’s final score and your individual game score! Relive all the action with postgame highlights of exciting battle stories! Each player’s score is added to the League tables! Enter Bangkok’s spectacular indoor LaZgaM maze and let the laser games begin. . . battling it out against rival teams with friends, family or colleagues! Great adrenaline-pumping fun for all! Are you game?
Duration: 30 minutes. Each game lasts 15 minutes with 15 minutes break between games.
Start/opening time: 12pm.
-End/closing time: 12am.
Min. Age: Children under 7 years of age will not be allowed to play.
Dress code: Casual. Comfortable and light clothing is recommended.
Others: Note that the activity may be subject to the following changes: 'The above games are subject to availability at time of booking.



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