Miletus, Didyma and Euromos Tour - Private Excursions à Bodrum
Miletus, Didyma and Euromos Tour - Private: A private tour of some of the classical sites around south west Turkey visiting Miletus, one of the most powerful of the twelve Ionian cities in old Asia Minor, Didyma, home to the magnificent Temple of Apollo and finally the beautiful Temple of Zeus at Euromos.
Passing through hills covered with olive groves and the shores of Bafa Lake, the tour reaches Miletus in just under two hours. This ancient city dates from the 4th century BC and grew to a capacity of 15,000 during the Roman period. It is famous for minting the world’s first coins and where exact weights were first established. Taking a route which was once known as the ‘Sacred Way’, the tour moves on to Didyma and the site of the massively impressive Temple of Apollo built in 560 BC. It was the third largest structure of the Hellenistic world and has withstood numerous earth tremors; it is also famous for the oracle which presided at the temple and was second only to the one at Delphi in Greece.
Free time is given for lunch in Didyma before the start of the return journey to Bodrum which stops off on-route at the ancient site of Euromos to look at the well preserved Zeus Temple which nestles at the base of a hill not far from the road.
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel pick-up.
Pick-up time: At 8:30am.
Drop-off time: At 5pm.



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