Gourmet City Tour in Bayone Excursions à Biarritz
Gourmet City Tour in Bayone: Discover Bayonne, the iconic French Basque capital, with its charming, typical architecture. A City of Art and History, Bayonne is also the best place for French local gastronomy and folklore. With its typical small winding alleys, old Basque houses and French little boutiques, Bayonne should definitely be on top of your list. So come with us and get a taste of the place! An exciting program for this special morning: Bayonne ham, Basque pelota games, local sheep-milk cheese, colourful houses and delicious chocolate!
Take a few-minute-drive by minivan from Biarritz to Bayonne, before you start exploring by foot all the charms of this picturesque city. Discover a place full of treasures and hidden corners. First step: the pedestrian historical center called Grand Bayonne, just next to Sainte-Marie Cathedral and its Cloister. The best place in town for Jambon de Bayonne is just round the corner! Enjoy the savory taste of this exceptional ham, try some famous sheep-milk cheese, and learn about the passion and know-how of one of the most-prized Bayonne ham-producers of the region. Second step: under the arches, find out about the best artisan chocolate-maker in town.
Did you know that Bayonne used to be the French capital city for chocolate in the 19th century? Enjoy this five-sense-experience into the fascinating tradition of Bayonne chocolate. This chocolate-maker is the heir of valuable secrets passed down through generations. The owners of the place will offer you to taste and compare different kinds of chocolate: some dark, some bitter, some with high cocoa content. . . A real treat to your senses!
In between these deligthfull stops at local producers, your guide will give you tons of information about the city of Bayonne and its history. He will even bring you on top of the city walls from where you will get a wonderful view of the traditional red and green half-timbered houses lined up along the Nive River banks.
Now, cross the Nive - one of the two rivers that go through Bayonne - and stroll along the narrow picturesque streets that will take you to our 3rd fun and tasty stop in the district called Petit Bayonne. You are now facing Trinquet Saint André, a genuine enclosed court built back in the 18th Century to play Jeu de paume, a game which then transformed into today's Basque Pelota. A special place in all the townspeople's hearts, this trinquet is the oldest Pelota court in France. For generations, family and friends have gathered to play this popular local sport together. It is now your turn to feel like a true local! You may get a chance to watch a game in progress. . . or even better: learn how to play Pelota with your guide and challenge anyone in your group!
Meeting/pick-up point: Biarritz Tourism Office.
Duration: 3.5 hours.
Start/opening time: At 9:30am.
End/closing time: At 1pm.



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