Tour of old capital of Bahrain Excursions à Bahreïn
Tour of old capital of Bahrain: Bait Shaikh Isa : It was residence of Shaikh Isa Bin Ali Al Khalifa from 1869 to 1932. This house in Muharraq gives glimpse of royal life in the 19th century and is the fine example of Bahraini Architecture.
Shaikh Ebrahim Centre : Shaikh Ebrahim an intellectual and man of letters had his majlis in the late 19th century and early 20th centuries. The interior has an open auditorium, small majlis for meetings, office and a library which has books mostly in Arabic, on history literature and architecture.
Abdullah Al Zayed House : This house has the arched doorway with decorative carved design and old style stained glass fanlight panes.
Mohammed Bin Faris House : This house once belonged to the famous Bahraini oud player and songwriter, Mohammed Bin Faris and now it is a museum in honor of the late musician.
Rashid Al Oraifi Museum : This older house is the former family home of the artist, Rashid Al Oraifi. Now it has been turned in to a mini museum and art gallery to showcase the paintings and sculptures.
Kurar House : The famous Kurar House in Bahrain is a renovated old house, used for reproducing unique local embroidery as well as a production center for traditional female handicraftsman.
Arad Fort : In the tylos of Greek period (from about 300bc to the early first millennium) Muharraq was Known as Aradous from which Arad fort got its name. Arad fort was built in the 15th century at the Muharraq island by Portuguese and later Omanis took the charge of it in the early 18th century.
Muharraq Souq : The oldest tradition market which gives the charm of an old-world Arab-Gulf style of architecture. Walk around the souq gives exciting experience to sight traditional Bahraini sweets.
Visit to Traditional Coffee Shop : A unique experience to have a tea & breakfast at coffee shop which is traditional and one of the oldest and famous place in Muharraq.
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Duration: Four hours.
Languages: English.



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