Augusteum Excursions à Benidorm - Costa Blanca
Augusteum: Step back in time to the golden age of the Roman Empire and discover this true archaeological gem that will give you a fascinating glimpse of a Roman city in its full splendour in the first and second centuries AD.
The Augusteum was a Roman temple that was situated next to the Forum in the commercial and religious hub of the city where ceremonies were held by the priests who served the Emperor during the Augustan age.
In the lower part of the Augusteum, you will find the reception area to the site, which will allow you to find out first-hand about the original structure of Roman Carthago Nova (Cartagena). There is also an informative exhibition about the Forum explaining its significant role in life in the Roman cities. Before entering the temple, a fascinating second exhibition will take you through the utensils, coins and other ornamental and decorative items found in the imperial city.
Admire the beauty of this symmetrical building designed to highlight the magnificence of the emperor Octavian Augustus. Access to the temple was through a patio with porticoes that was designed so that visitors could see from the entrance the sculpture of the emperor displayed in the central room. This room was flanked by two small fountain-ponds that would certainly have been decorated inside with sculptures. The roof was also covered with beautiful decorative motifs alluding to the Emperor. Also outstanding in the rich décor was the marble, covering floors and walls, which was brought from the best quarries of the Roman Empire in Italy, Greece and Tunisia. You will also find other secondary rooms, which were used for service or passage.
Since its refurbishment in 2001 this museum site is a must-see destination for all those looking for a genuine cultural and historic experience of life in the Roman Empire.



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