Gaudi's Masterpieces: Park Guell, Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo and Pedrera Tour Excursions à Barcelone
Gaudi's Masterpieces: Park Guell, Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo and Pedrera Tour: Take a complete tour through the best of Gaudi’s works, and get ready to know the most popular buildings of Barcelona. First, you’ll meet Park Güell and the famous Cathedral of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. The main architectural feature of the park, art nouveau, began to spread from Glasgow to Brussels and then to Barcelona, recovering former construction techniques such as the Catalan vault (or timbrel vault) and old craft styles, while at the same time taking an interest in the expressive potential of iron.
The Sagrada Familia Cathedral will show you the symbolism represented by the Holy Family as an expression of Christian ideology and faith through the construction in stone. You’ll also meet Casa Batlló and learn about the history of this famous architect and his life in Barcelona. Locals call Casa Batlló the house of bones, or the house of the dragon.
When you get there you’ll immediatly see the association, since the balconies look like the bony jaws of some strange, mythological beast. As if it wasn’t enough, you’ll get inside ‘La Pedrera’, a natural cre-ation with landscapes once populated by prehistoric creatures. Casa Milà is the only Gaudí interpretation centre in Barcelona devoted to providing an understanding of the work of this architectural genius. A total of 4,500 m2 can be visited, spread over five floors. Gaze at the imitable corkscrew chimneys and absorb panoramic views of Barcelona’s spectacular skyline before descending to Espai Gaudi to peruse enticing exhibition detailing the architect’s life and works.
Duration: 9 hours.
Start/opening time: Um 7:45 Uhr.
Languages: English and Spanish.



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